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FAQ (Please Read Before Posting)

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2017-3-21 03:39:29 | Show all replies |Read mode
Q: About game loading problem.

A: If the game fails to load, please try the following ways:

1.Check your antivirus software.

Test if the plugins have been correctly installed. Test tool: steam/steamapps/common/TigerKnight_EW/TigerKnightEnv

If there are any plugins missing, please download and install them at:

For DX, please go to X:\steam\steamapps\common\TigerKnight_EW\_CommonRedist\DirectX and install DXSETUP.exe

2.Verify game cache:

Go to your steam Library, right click Tiger Knight: Empire War, click Properties and Local Tab on top. Click Verify integrity of game Cache.

3.Choose 32 bit system or 64 bit system according to the configuration of your computer.

4.Lower graphics quality of the game.

5.Update the graphics driver and restart the game.

Address for updating NVIDIA graphics driver: http://www.geforce.cn/drivers

Address for updating AMD graphics driver: http://support.amd.com/zh-cn/download

6.Close other large scale programs.

7. Run frontend as administrator from:


8.Restart your steam/computer.

Q: Will there be Roman Adjutants?

A: Yes there will be Roman Adjutants.

Q: With Barbarians winning the vote, what barbarians are you planning on adding?

A: Barbarians (including Gaul, Britan, Pict and other Celtic tribes), Germanic peoples, Sauromatae, Dacians are already been in the plan of development.

Q: Are you planning on fixing the FPS?

A: We are always looking into optimizing the game. This is an ongoing process.

Q: Can I shift the profile on one server to anther?

A: No, the character information cannot be shifted among servers; you need to start a new character on the new server.

Q: Where is my Gold/DLC I purchased?

A: If you purchase Gold or DLC please check your inbox as that is where the items will go.

Q: What does Adjutant Loyalty do?

A: It affects their attribute stats. Attack, Defense and so on.

Q: How do Medal and Honor Points work?

A: Honor points are generated by different Medals. Once you get enough honor points, your Medal will level up and allow you to obtain various rewards. You can win the Medals through your operations in the battle. You can also click on a Medal to learn how to get it.

Q: What happens if I blacklisted a player?

A: You cannot chat with that person in the game, but there still is a chance for you to be match made with him.

Q: My weapon/dress/item is lost.

A: Some weapons/dresses/items are time limited; you can find the clock sign on their description.

Q: I can’t find the things I bought, the reward/ gift I received.

A: Check your storage, they should appear there.

Q: About toping-up in the game.

A: Make sure that there is fund in your steam wallet, and check the option - Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game from In-Game. Then choose Top-up in the game and the paying interface will appear.

Q: Why am I getting into PVE or Siege game that has already started?

A: You can go to settings, click Game. There you can see an option to click Preference to joining a New Game.

Q: The hit damage cannot be registered.

A: Please try:

-Go to Steam/Steamapps/Common Right Click on TigerKnight_EW and make sure "read-only" is not enabled.

-Run the game as administrator. Go to Steam/Steamapps/Common/TigerKnight_EW/Frontend/bin Right click Frontend and select "run as administrator".

Q: Game is out of memory.

A: Please try reducing your graphical settings, or switch to DX9 (or DX11) to see if it improves the situation.

Q: Some players are ruining the game.

A: If you feel a player is breaking the rules or playing unfairly, please feel free to report them. Action will then be taken in cases where it is appropriate.

Q: Other Languages?

A: As of right now we only have English and Traditional Chinese; we are adding Russian and Germany in the future.

Q: Female Characters?

A: Right now you cannot choose the Female character; it will be added in the future.

Q: How often will you update?

A: Basically every week.

Q: Will we have events in game?

A: Yes we will have many events in game. Feel free to suggest us any event as well in our Subforum on steam discussion called “Feedback & Suggestions”.

Q: When playing the game on windows 8/10, I get stuck on WASD while the soldier is still moveable. What should I do?

A: This is caused by input method. Just click ALT+ Tab to change onto the desktop and click these two keys again to switch back into the game.

Q: How do I change game language?

A: You can change the language in game settings. After setting the language, don’t forget to reboot the client to apply it.

Q: Can I full screen the main interface?

A: No you cannot full screen the lobby (main interface) at this time. You can full screen the battle screen simply by going into setting or press ALT+Enter.

Q: How to prevent the input method from jamming?

A: If you chat using input method while loading the battle, you may probably encounter this situation. So please do not chat while loading. But if you switch to chat window after entering the game, it is fine.

Q: Key “tilde” (below ESC whose symbol is ~) does not work.

A: This key is used for controlling the soldiers to keep team formation or move freely. It does not work when the input method is in full width. You need to switch back to half width.

Q: What if there is unexpected quit, disconnection, and other problems?

A: Please shut down the client and relog in.

Q: The game prompts unable to enter the game when I log in.

A: Please try the following ways to solve this problem:

Q: What should I do if the popup reads that “Your video card does not support alpha blending with floating point render targets (D3DFMT_A16B16G16R16F), which is required to run this game. Exiting…”?

A: You need to update your graphics driver and reboot the computer:

Address for updating NVIDIA graphics: http://www.geforce.cn/drivers

Address for updating AMD graphics: http://support.amd.com/zh-cn/download

Q: The game exits on its own due to graphics being too high.

A: Please check your settings in game, lower them and the resolution. Also try updating your graphics card.

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2017-3-30 11:52:23 | Show all replies
Hello developer, I am a player from Asian server, my account is malicious deleted all items have been copper coin and gold coin, I very love this game, I hope my problem can be solved soon, I wish you a happy Thursday
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2017-3-30 12:08:02 | Show all replies

RE: FAQ (Please Read Before Posting)

113***@qq.com posted at 2017-3-30 11:52
Hello developer, I am a player from Asian server, my account is malicious deleted all items have bee ...

I have replied to your issue both on this forum (http://forum-tk-en.oasgames.com/ ... mp;tid=161#lastpost) and on the Steam forums.

In future, please avoid spamming multiple threads with the same copy/paste issue as this may lead to action being taken against your account.
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2017-6-19 10:07:04 | Show all replies
I can't log in the asian server, NA and EU are still ok. What happen ?
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